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"Landscape Lighting is the easiest money you'll ever make in contracting."

-overheard in a supply house

This demonstrates what most contractors think about their own lighting jobs, and it's "easy" because there are TONS of corners you can cut. That doesn't fly here at Homelight, because the details are the difference between a system that does the job for years to come, and one that has you getting ghosted by the other guy 2 months in.

At Homelight, finding the right contractor to bring your home to life after dark is straightforward. With a decade in electronics and landscaping experience, there's no better choice for who to have illuminate your Home.

Your home is a canvas of endless possibilities, and we're here to help you craft your ideas into radiant life. Our team treats your home and yard as if it's our name on that note; we understand how much your home means to you and how hard you've worked for it. From grazing stone textures to highlighting GIANT oak trees, from crafting a pulse on a tree line to splashing color on a wall, we're dedicated to bringing life back into the night at your Home.

Choosing Homelight for your project means that you'll Paint the Night like the Northern Lights. Let us help turn your Home into the Nocturnal Work of Art you never knew it could be.

Our Commitment to You

A Partnership Built on Excellence And Trust

01 Excellence in Every Detail

Details Matter.

Which is why we take them seriously. From selecting the right Voltage on the Transformer, to wire burial depth, from material choice, to getting the wire gauge right, and especially ensuring all connections are snug, secure, and watertight. That might be all that most contractors aim to get right, but for us, it's just the beginning.

Our Commitment to You is to pay attention to ALL the details, so that your Home Shines Bright for many a year to come.

02 Reliability & Open Communication

Reliability in electronics just comes down to getting the details right at install, but the Reliability of a Company is built on:

1. What we say we're gonna do,

2. When we say we're gonna do it,

3. How we follow through on that, and most importantly,

4. How well we keep you in the loop.

Our Commitment to You is to Communicate effectively throughout the whole process to ensure we're ALWAYS on the same page, and you never have to question what should be happening right now.

03 A Personal Touch & Professional Service

Who would you rather have over, a stranger, or one of your best friends?

At Homelight, we respect you and your home. As such, we have a no tobacco and foul language policy here at Homelight. We want to protect the environment you call home.

Our Commitment to You is to treat You like family, and respect your home as if it was our own.


Working with a contractor is quite often a role of the dice. Are they legit? do they actually know what they're doing? We get it, you're putting a lot of trust in us by working with us. That's why want to be open, honest, and up front with how we work.

As such, we have a simple process from start to finish!

  • 1. Schedule a Consultation

    The starting point is a quick call for us to get to know eachother and talk about your Vision for your Home.

  • 2. We'll Light Up your Space

    Whether you have a design in mind, or just want us to bring the WOW, we'll turn your space into a masterpiece.

  • 3. Enjoy Your New Look!

    Lights, Camera, ACTION! Gather 'round at sundown, it's time to enjoy the Masterpiece you call Home.


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blog image

A Light in the Darkness

March 08, 20244 min read

Every now and then it’s important to reflect on why we do what we do. “Jon, what are you trying to say? You’re out here to make money.” 


I am. 

But I could make money doing anything, and frankly, I could make a lot more money faster doing something else. So why Landscape Lighting? Well, let me start by sharing why I decided NOT to do something else.

In the early day of my business, I wanted to do something else. Home Theatre. I love a good movie, but even more than that, I love to EXPERIENCE a good movie. I put a few Home Theatres together, however, I noticed something I wasn’t a fan of…

Anywhere I put a home theatre together, people tended to use it, and quite often. Makes sense right? You buy something expensive, you use it, you get your money’s worth out of it.

But real life doesn’t take place sitting in front of a screen. Real life is on the other side of the screen, where everyone actually did the thing you’re watching. We watch TV as a way to escape life by vicariously living through the characters and actors we see on screen. But on the other side of that screen, those actors spent hours, days, weeks, months, and even years LIVING their life. Acting, sure, but doing things we WANT to do. Having conversations, spending quality time, going on adventures, balling out in business, conquering sports, nations, competitions, and championships.

I found myself watching EVERYONE ELSE living their lives, while I was wasting mine away on a couch.

And I was building a business around selling a product that was nudging families towards a couch potato lifestyle, where the ultimate bonding experience was spent NOT talking, but sitting silent next to each other, while an adventure that could have been lived plays out on screen.

I had to make a change.

I went to lunch with a remodeling contractor and he hit with some blunt truth.

“Jon, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. I don’t know a d*** person who needs home theatre, and frankly, I don’t know many people who can afford it that also really want it. 

Take a neighborhood, 100 homes, all million dollar homes. They have the money, they have the space. Maybe 5 of those homes will ever get a home theatre. That’s still a good market, problem is 2-3 of them probably already have one. You just lost 40-60% of the opportunities in that neighborhood. 

But guess what they all need? Lights. You take your same technical expertise, and install luxury grade lights instead of luxury grade speakers. 100 out of 100 houses in that neighborhood need lights, and it doesn’t matter how many of them already have them, because most contractors are slapping down China’s finest, and they’re gonna need a repair sometime in the next year.”

I wasn’t quite sold. The numbers made sense, but I’ve been in lucrative businesses before, I was looking for a mission that would keep me going when the money wasn’t.

Because that’s just inevitable. You’re either going to make too little, or you’re gonna make too much, or you’re gonna stay even so long, you need to make a change. Money can’t motivate you forever.

I wanted my business to be something I would want my name on forever.

Then I looked into what lighting does.

Yes, it makes everything look great, but it also creates atmosphere.

Not to state the obvious, but it literally brings light to the darkness.

It allows families to gather outside after dark. It denies intruders the cover of darkness. It draws the eye away from the shadows. It focuses attention where you want it to be.

Metaphorically, practically, functionally, aesthetically, lighting does everything that I want my business to do.

That’s why I chose to do Landscape Lighting. It’s and overlap between my skills and passions, but it’s also in line with the values I want in my company, and the values I want to contribute to in the home.

I light up landscapes so that you and your family can enjoy them whenever you want.

Our Mission is to turn more homes into a Light in the Darkness.

So, when you’re ready, give us a call. We’ll Light Up the Night like the Northern Lights.

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