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"Landscape Lighting is the easiest money you'll ever make in contracting."

-overheard in a supply house

This demonstrates what most contractors think about their own lighting jobs, and it's "easy" because there are TONS of corners you can cut. That doesn't fly here at Homelight, because the details are the difference between a system that does the job for years to come, and one that has you getting ghosted by the other guy 2 months in.

At Homelight, finding the right contractor to bring your home to life after dark is straightforward. With a decade in electronics and landscaping experience, there's no better choice for who to have illuminate your Home.

Your home is a canvas of endless possibilities, and we're here to help you craft your ideas into radiant life. Our team treats your home and yard as if it's our name on that note; we understand how much your home means to you and how hard you've worked for it. From grazing stone textures to highlighting GIANT oak trees, from crafting a pulse on a tree line to splashing color on a wall, we're dedicated to bringing life back into the night at your Home.

Choosing Homelight for your project means that you'll Paint the Night like the Northern Lights. Let us help turn your Home into the Nocturnal Work of Art you never knew it could be.

Our Commitment to You

A Partnership Built on Excellence And Trust

01 Excellence in Every Detail

Details Matter.

Which is why we take them seriously. From selecting the right Voltage on the Transformer, to wire burial depth, from material choice, to getting the wire gauge right, and especially ensuring all connections are snug, secure, and watertight. That might be all that most contractors aim to get right, but for us, it's just the beginning.

Our Commitment to You is to pay attention to ALL the details, so that your Home Shines Bright for many a year to come.

02 Reliability & Open Communication

Reliability in electronics just comes down to getting the details right at install, but the Reliability of a Company is built on:

1. What we say we're gonna do,

2. When we say we're gonna do it,

3. How we follow through on that, and most importantly,

4. How well we keep you in the loop.

Our Commitment to You is to Communicate effectively throughout the whole process to ensure we're ALWAYS on the same page, and you never have to question what should be happening right now.

03 A Personal Touch & Professional Service

Who would you rather have over, a stranger, or one of your best friends?

At Homelight, we respect you and your home. As such, we have a no tobacco and foul language policy here at Homelight. We want to protect the environment you call home.

Our Commitment to You is to treat You like family, and respect your home as if it was our own.


Working with a contractor is quite often a role of the dice. Are they legit? do they actually know what they're doing? We get it, you're putting a lot of trust in us by working with us. That's why want to be open, honest, and up front with how we work.

As such, we have a simple process from start to finish!

  • 1. Schedule a Consultation

    The starting point is a quick call for us to get to know eachother and talk about your Vision for your Home.

  • 2. We'll Light Up your Space

    Whether you have a design in mind, or just want us to bring the WOW, we'll turn your space into a masterpiece.

  • 3. Enjoy Your New Look!

    Lights, Camera, ACTION! Gather 'round at sundown, it's time to enjoy the Masterpiece you call Home.


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blog image

Trees, Bushes, and Paths! Oh My!

March 06, 20241 min read

It's called Landscape Lighting for a reason.

Yes, it can make your house look amazing, but the difference between Keeping Up with the Joneses and BEING the Joneses Happens in the Landscaping.

Most homes are not built with much Depth in the Facade, but even when there's plenty, just Lighting that has the same effect as putting an Academy Award Winning Director on a B Movie, it'll shine, but not all that brightly.

Movies like The Titanic and The Dark Knight work so well because the finer details let the Main Draw really hit its stride. The subtleties of the Joker’s Psychosis, the consistent stream of tiny emotions we have invested into Jack and Rose, these keep the movies from being one trick ponies, and provide real depth that keeps us coming back.

The same applies to a World Class Landscape Lighting System. I can make your house Bright, but the gap of shadows in your yard leaves a lot to be desired in aesthetic, function, and even safety.

Here we lit the treeline tastefully, and highlighted a soon to be planted garden, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere designed to welcome you Home and usher guests to the Backyard for the Barbecue.

In your yard, we can highlight the Height of the Trees, the Vibrance of the Shrubbery, the Color of the Flowers, and give your Yard the Royal Treatment, which at the end of the day clues everyone else in, that it's time to Keep Up with You.

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